100 Miles by bicycle?

What better day to spend a day in May than riding your bicycle 104 miles? I can’t think of one.

On May 15, 2015, I will ride 104 miles from Beaverton, OR to Pacific City, OR. This will be my third time completing this ride and my most moving experience yet. I’ve previously fund-raised and completed the ride because I like to help a good cause, and because a friend of a friend or a friend’s relative was somehow impacted by a lung illness or breathing complication. But now, it is personal. I will be riding in honor of my dad, who is currently battling stage 4 lung cancer.

I began my training in November, and am working hard to slowly build my distance and climbing capabilities. There are two big hills in RTB. The first is right around mile 20, and the second isn’t until the last quarter of the ride, when your legs are shot, you are giddy or next to tears and are ready to taste the salty air and celebratory brew at the Pelican Pub when you finish the ride.

This December I completed a solo 50 mile ride on a cold but beautiful sunshiny day in Eugene, OR. Most of my training rides are completed on my own. All of my events to date have been done solo. Its not that I wouldn’t like to have a riding buddy or group. So far, I have not found my cycling niche and will continue to screen applicants for cycling buddy #1 and good groups to meet up with for rides.

I have previously completed this ride solo, and am looking forward to having my brother riding the same route this year along with me. We have not yet game planned our strategy as to whether we stick together or one pushes ahead. But, I am proud of us for taking on this challenge and riding in honor of our dad and to raise funds for such a good cause.

Here is a link to the official Reach the Beach website in case you would like to read about what the ride entails, sign up to participate or get more information about the ride or the American Lung Association. http://action.lung.org/site/TR/Bike/ALAMP_Mountain_Pacific?pg=entry&fr_id=9210

You can also visit my personal Reach the Beach webpage here: http://action.lung.org/goto/emilym

Here is a link to my location on Strava.  http://www.strava.com/athletes/runbikewin  This month I have signed up to complete the Gran Fondo 100km challenge. Now I just need to choose a weekend, gear up and get on the road!

What are some of your cycling goals? Have you tackled a century? Do you have tips for riding with a partner? Do you see a benefit to riding solo over in a group and vice versa?


New year, new beginnings, continued joy and awesomeness.

Welcome 2015. Welcome to the future, Weemogee. Its about time you joined the blog revolution, and try not to dwell too much on the fact that your mom has been telling you to do this for years!

I am going to study up on blogging, and the things I enjoy so that I can I can provide you with good information, fun stories and inspiration among other things.

Some of my interests include, you guessed it: Running and Cycling. I think you can go anywhere with a pair of running shoes or a bicycle. Mine have changed my life. I have run a few marathons and completed a few century rides. I probably wouldn’t have believed you 10 years ago that I would be where I am today. I can guarantee I don’t fit the image you get in your head of what a runner or cyclist looks like. I’m OK with that. I tried to run my buns off. They aren’t going anywhere. But they are stronger than ever. I was once a couch potato who weighed nearly 300lbs until running changed my life. I am a Clydesdale and I am trying to embrace Running Big and enjoying the challenge. I am trying to shake the self conscious feeling of how my belly looks bouncing in technical fabric. I sometimes need to remind myself that I’m lapping everyone on the couch. Recently, I became a #nuunbassador. I am looking forward to sharing hydration stories, techniques and maybe even some mixer ideas with you!

I spend a good deal of time enjoying the outdoors especially mountains, sunshine and waterfalls. I consider myself to be a whiz in the kitchen, and adventurous in my choices of recipes and ingredients if nothing else. I enjoy learning about food pairings, and cozying up to the bar for a wine or beer tasting every once in a while. I am quite fond of turbo and enjoy motoring in my all wheel drive vehicle. I’m up for just about any adventure. I love meeting new people and exploring new places. Sometimes both happen at once. I am a proud alumna of Alpha Omicron Pi and Bowling Green State University so you will see some Panda and Falcon references among other sports interests of mine (Detroit Tigers and Red Wings, University of Michigan, LSU, Oregon Ducks, Eugene Emeralds and the list goes on and on).

I make an effort to shake the negative Nancy feelings, and to be encouraging to others. I am a fan of gratitude. I saw somewhere that there is always something to be thankful for and I’m pretty sure that is true.

So that is a little about me. I am excited to have a forum in which to share my passions. I am excited to begin this journey while documenting others that I am on.

I can’t wait to hear about my readers. Tell me where you are, what you enjoy, and things you’d like to see posted here.
Its so nice to meet you!